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SUPPORT when you need it

Customize a support plan to exactly fit the needs of the business.  Choose from business hours, on demand only service to full 24x7x365 support. 


Determining the right level of support is critical.  DTech will provide a no-cost assessment report to establish a baseline of requirements and work closely with all stakeholders  to find the right balance of support.


Hospitality businesses are technologically complicated.  DTech simplifies this situation by placing knowledgeable and resourceful support professionals as your single source.

WiFi, telecom, applications, network infrastructure and more can now be supported through a single, reliable partner that understands and shares your urgency to resolve issues when they arise.


In many instances, the most effective support model combines on site presence and remote troubleshooting service.

DTech caters to this need with tailored support offerings that reflect the need of each property or location.

Constant performance monitoring, customer engagement and management oversight ensures that our support teams constantly adapt to meet the needs of your business.


Infrastructure, application and cloud service monitoring from DTech enables real-time alerting of issues categorized by type and severity.


New levels of visibility into the environment will not only capture outages but also highlight any indications of degradation in performance or service that can be addressed before any negative impact on the business.


As a single point of contact, DTech manages the wide range of vendors and acts as the conduit for all support related activities, ensuring that your employees are not burdened with IT troubleshooting.


Using DTech's IT App will provide dashboard reporting on all support activity, vendor issues and response levels and measure SLAs performance for all relevant companies.


Leverage DTech deployment services to supplement internal resources for a project roll-out, or DTech will take the initiative from concept to conclusion.

In addition to typical infrastructure deployments (workstations, servers, network), DTech can manage application delivery and special hospitality system activation.


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