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Our Services.

DTech is committed to developing innovative ideas through creativity, research, and collaboration while sourcing input from team members at all career stages. We actively cultivate an array of perspectives by embracing cross-office and inter-regional collaboration whether in person or through cutting-edge technology. Team members can contribute to projects across a wide range of scales, market sectors, and geographical contexts, allowing individuals to expand their horizons and grow as well-rounded creative professionals.

Hotel Opening Management.

DTech offers hotel opening IT experts with the collective experience of opening hundreds of properties across the world.

Flawless vendor coordination, precise pre-opening budget management and on time delivery of complex projects are the hallmark of DTech openings.

Select this as a standalone service or as part of a comprehensive Tech General Contractor agreement.

Technology Project Coordination.

Remove the burden, cost and complication of multiple contractors and vendors for new build projects.

DTech offers complete end to end design and coordination of AV, CCTV, Room Automation, Access Control, Applications, Network, Infrastructure and hotel special systems. 

As an expert liaison between architects, developers, owners, GCs, contractors and the hotel operator, DTech removes barriers and provides full accountability.

One agreement, one partner.  

Low Voltage Design.

In many instances, the most effective support model combines on site presence and remote troubleshooting service.

DTech caters to this need with tailored support offerings that reflect the need of each property or location.

Constant performance monitoring, customer engagement and management oversight ensures that our support teams constantly adapt to meet the needs of your business.

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