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The IT & Compliance Management platform is the only solution designed to expertly manage all aspects of technology giving you the power to visualize your IT environment like never before.


Simply put, it's Business Intelligence for IT.


The cloud based, unlimited user environment provides easy, centralized and collaborative management of every facet of IT and regulatory compliance.


Replace emails, documents, spreadsheets and other distributed information with a single, collaborative source for oversight, reporting and management.


Designing, planning and opening a hotel isn't easy...we know because we've done it many times. That's why we created the world's best tool designed to make it easier for everyone.


This application brings the many departments and disciplines together into a collaborative, cloud based environment to manage the critical path, pre-opening budgets, purchases, documents, contracts and more.


Used from concept to planning to execution and post-opening. Used by Business Development, Technical Services, Operations, Owners and Developers.

contract management

Start managing your contracts, vendors and expenses more effectively and intelligently.


The Contract Management solution gives you the power to centrally control the renewal, review, expense and terms of every legal agreement in your company.


Significantly decrease the amount of time and resources required to manage and administer all of your contracts.


The cloud based, unlimited user environment provides easy, centralized and collaborative management for every phase of the contract lifecycle.




Applications to exactly fit your business. Made in a fraction of the time and cost of any other method available. You have lots of data. We have a plan.


Too often, businesses have great information but find it stored in silos or scattered places and programs.


DTech has a platform that will bring your data together in a cloud based application customized to your needs and help you get organized.


It is fast to develop and low cost. Why? Because we have already developed the underlying architecture to support you with the ultimate flexibility. We're ahead of the game and you can be too.


If you are tracking all opportunities and deals via spreadsheet or email, migrate them all to an online, collaborative platform.  

All stakeholders (e.g. BizDev team, Technical Services, Operations, Executive Leadership etc.) can receive real-time updates on status and latest feedback, keeping everyone up to date without the need for constant calls and meetings.

Track by brand, location type, operating model, country, division and more.  The only online pipeline tracking platform for hospitality.



Running a successful project requires successful we made one. We created an amazing application to bring your project in on time and on budget.


DTech's PM platform brings all resources and disciplines together into a collaborative, cloud based environment. 


Included features are task / project tracking, budget management, approval / purchasing workflow, catalog management, punchlist / snagging features (mobile) and centralized documentation.

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